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Staff Members    

 Silvia Onesti (Head of Structural Biology)
Email: silvia.onesti@elettra.eu
Tel: +39 040 3758451 (T1 PT 16A) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab
Mob: +39 366 6878001 (Cod. breve #89868)

 Paola Storici (Senior Research Scientist)
Email: paola.storici@elettra.eu
Tel: +39 040 3758854 (T1 PT 16B) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab
Mob: +39 331 1921484 (Cod. breve #89876)

  Alessandro Vindigni (Distinguished Scientist)

Email: avindigni@slu.edu
Tel: +1 314 9779217 - Office US





Postdoctoral Fellows    

 Luisa Napolitano

AIRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: napolita@sissa.it
Tel: +39 040 3758789 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab

 Matteo De March

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: matteo.demarch@elettra.eu
Tel: +39 040 3758858 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab

 Barbara Giabbai 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: barbara.giabbai@elettra.eu
Tel: +39 040 3758439 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab
 Marta Semrau
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: marta.semrau@elettra.eu
Tel: +39 040 3758821 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab
PhD Students    
 Ilenia Bagnano
PhD in Functional and Structural Genomics - SISSA
Supervisors: S.Onesti/G.Legname
Email: ilenia.bagnano@gmail.com
Tel: +39 040 3758927 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab

 Giuseppe Cortone
PhD in Neurobiology - SISSA
Supervisors: S.Onesti/L.Ballerini
Email: gcortone@sissa.it
Tel: +39 040 3758805 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab

 Irene Marcovich
PhD in Chemistry - Universita' di Trieste
Supervisors: P.Storici/R. De Zorzi
Email: irene.marcovich@gmail.com
Tel: +39 040 5583937 - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab@Elettra
   Sara Bertelli
PhD in Neurobiology - SISSA
Supervisors: M.Putsch/S.Onesti/L.Napolitano
Email: gcortone@sissa.it
Tel: +39 040 3758805 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab
ICTP-STEP PhD Students    

 Majid Ali Shah Akhun
PhD at NIBGE, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Supervisors: M.Rahman/N.Binggeli/S.Onesti
Email: raheem.biotech@gmail.com
Tel: +39 040 3758855 (T1 PS 001) - Office
Tel: +39 040 3758537 (T1 PT 001) - Lab



Undergraduate Students    
 Marco Franzon (franzonmarco94@gmail.com)
University of Trieste - Laurea Magistrale Nanobiotecnologie
Supervisor: S.Onesti
 Stella Dibenedetto (stella.dibenedetto@studenti.units.it)
University of Trieste - Laurea Magistrale Genomica Funzionale
Supervisor: P.Storici
 Simone Pirrello (pirrello.simo@gmail.com)
University of Trieste - Laurea Magistrale Genomica Funzionale
Supervisor: S.Onesti
 Veronica Delsoglio (pirrello.simo@gmail.com)
University of Turin - Laurea Magistrale Biotecnologie Industriali
Supervisor: G.Gilardi/S.Onesti

Previous Members of the Laboratory    

 Ivet Krastanova 
Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
Email: ivet.krastanova@gmail.com
Current position:
Research Scientist, Rottapharm Biotech

 Indranil Saha 
ICTP-TRIL Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
Email: indranil48@gmail.com

 Marco Salomone-Stagni 
Postdoctoral Fellow (SISSA/Elettra)
Email: marcosalomonestagni@gmail.com
Current position: 
Research Fellow, Libera Universita' di Bolzano

 Juliano Morimoto Borges 
CNPq exhange student @Elettra
PhD student, University of Oxford

Current position:
Research Fellow, Macquarie University, 
Sidney, Australia
Email: juliano.morimoto@gmail.com

 Shiva Jafarkani 
ICTP-TRIL Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
Current position:
Senior technician, St Birinus College, Oxford

 Medhat El-Halawany 
Talents  Postdoctoral Fellow (CBM/Elettra)
Email: m.elhalawany@gmail.com
Current position:
Lecturer, Cairo University

 Valentina Faoro
GLIOMA Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
Current position:
Research scientist Ukisse BioMed, Trieste
Email: faoro.valentina@gmail.com
 Patrizia Di Crescenzio
PhD student @Elettra
Current position:
Lab technician, University of Glasgow, UK
Email: patriziakre@hotmail.it
 Francesca Marino 
PROTEO Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
Email: francesca.marino@gmail.com
 Raheem Ullah
ICTP TRIL student @Elettra
Current position:
Postdoctoral fellow at NIBGE, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Email: raheem.biotech@gmail.com

 Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khaled 
PhD Student
Current position
Postdoctoral Fellow 

Georg-August-Universität Fakultät für Physik, Drittes Physikalisches Institut - Biophysik, Göttingen, Germany
Email: amna.abdalla-mohammed-khalid@phys.uni-goettingen.de

 Saša Kenig 
GLIOMA postdoctoral Fellow
Current position
Lecturer in Cell Biology University of Primorska,
Koper, Slovenia

Email: kenig.sasa@gmail.com
 Georgina Ormaza
PhD student CIC Biogune (Bilbao/Elettra)
Email: gormaza@cicbiogune.es
 Cristina Busatto
Lab manager @Elettra

 Alfredo De Biasio
PROTEO Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
AIRC iCARE Fellow @Elettra

Current position
Lecturer, University of Leicester, UK
Email: alfredo.debiasio@gmail.com

 Barbara Medagli
PhD student (Imperial College/Elettra)
AIRC Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra

Current position
AIRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Trieste
Email: b.medagli@gmail.com
 Aditya Mojumdar 
PhD student @Elettra
ICTP TRIL Postdoctoral Fellow @Elettra
mail: adi.moj.85@gmail.com
Current position
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary

 Amaia Gonzalez Magaña
PhD student CIC Biogune (Bilbao)
Email: agonzalem@cicbiogune.es

 Per Jansson (perja642@student.liu.se)  
Master student University of Linkopings, Sweden
 Valeria Stefania (valeria.stefania1@gmail.com)  
PhD student at the University of Vienna
 Elena Marcassa (marelena@hotmail.it)  
PhD student in Molecular Medicine, University of Trieste
 Ilaria Peschiera (ilaria.peschiera@alice.it)  
PhD student University of Bologna/Novartis Siena
 Jure Gams (jure.gams@gmail.com)  Francesco Bisiak (francesco.bisiak@gmail.com) 
PhD student at EMBL Grenoble
 Wendalina Tigani (wdl.tigani@gmail.com)
PhD student Joint Program in Molecular Biology, Trieste
 Nikolas Capra (nikolas.capra@gmail.com)
PhD student University of Groeningen, The Netherlands
 Elda Osmenaj (eldaosmenaj@gmail.com)
Administrator, Elettra
 Denise Liano (denise.liano181@gmail.com)
PhD student at Imperial College, London
 Cecilia Rocchi (ceciliarocchi5@gmail.com)
PhD student at Lione University
 Carlotta Barlassina (carlotta.barlassina@gmail.com)
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