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Little Manual of the SAXS-beamline


Don't worry, you are not the first one with this basic problem. Most probably you will solve it on your own following the advice given in 1.-8.

     1. Check the Ring-Parameters (D:\SAXS_BL.PRO\SIGRID\RINGPA1. VI), especially check the wiggler-gaps (22 mm is normal setting) and the ring current.

     2. Is the interlock set properly? The red & white light should be on.

     3. Are all shutters and valves open? The red blinking warning light should be on, if our secondary beam shutter (PHOTON SHUTTER 2) is open. Further check
         the front end stopper and front end shutter, these may have been closed by the safety control system or by mistake from the Diffraction Beamline Users.

     4. Is the detector measuring (otherwise the fast-shutter remains closed !) ?

     5. In case you just changed the detector: did you also select  the corresponding fast-shutter connection ?

     6. Check the Intensity (compare with last value in program Piezo_adjust_v22.vi), and if necessary adjust the Fine Pitch of the second monochromator crystal.

     7. Does the light pass through your sample cell?

     8. Check your own state of mind: Are you very tired, stressed and have this particular zombie feeling, then you better go home, have a nice rest and check with
         our help tomorrow once again.

After you have gone through all points 1.-8. without any pleasing result, then please still refrain from calling us during night, unless your experiment has serious hope to win the Noble Price extremely soon (and we are mentioned on it).

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